LANA IUVENIS – 2 way stand-mount DIY loudspeaker is now available!

LANA IUVENIS 2 way standmount DIY loudspeaker project

Iuvenis is a 2 way stand-mount speaker system with a 7-inch woofer in a 15,9 net liters box, a very good compromise between size, costs and performance and also of nice look in a domestic environment. They really can be the all you need in rooms of 10 to 40 m2. Moreover the box of a stand-mount speaker it’s more easy and “affordable” to make for a DIY enthusiast. After a long period of testing and listening sections the Iuvenis loudspeaker is now available for people that like to listen music at high quality and make their own DIY speakers.

The Iuvenis is also available assembled and ready to use.

Iuvenis a 2 way stand mount loudspeaker system DIY project
LANA IUVENIS – 2 Way Stand-Mount DIY Speaker

Basics Characteristics:

  • 2-way vented speaker system, 7” mid-bass and 1,14” soft dome tweeter with 2 part
    aluminum faceplate with integrated mechanical decoupling
  • 15,9 net liters vented cabinet (virtually ~17.5 liters) – Weight: 17 Kg for each cabinet!
  • System sensitivity: ~87 db/2.8v, 1 meter
  • Frequency resp.: 38/44 – 30.000 Hz (-6/-3db) – Typical in-room response ~37 Hz (-3db)
  • Acoustic point of crossover: 1600 Hz – Electric point of crossover: 2200 Hz
  • Impedance: 8 ohms, minimum 7 ohms at 180 Hz
  • Suggested for rooms of size: 10 m2 to 38 m2 (107 / 409 ft2)
  • Suggested power: 30-150 watts rms
  • Recommended is the use of the 10mm thick Polyurethane foam piece which is located inside
    the vent, it can be removed or changed with another Polyu. foam (or Felt) with different thickness or different
    density to adjust the low frequencies to your room characteristics or to your personal needs.


Woofer Eton Symphony II 7-312/C8/32 HEX

Tweeter SB Acoustics SATORI TW29RN-B

LANA IUVENIS - DIY Loudspeakers
LANA IUVENIS – 2 Way Stand-Mount DIY Drivers


The Eton drivers have a very high quality construction that brings a very precise, natural and transparent sound. Not least it’s capable to give an authentic spatial representation, a joy to listen to. Everything is well designed and takes in consideration all different aspects to reach a great balanced result with very good transients. The dynamics, precision and clarity in the low and middle range is more then superb. The reproduction stays very controlled and of quality even at high levels. Listening to records like the Telarc The Rite Of Spring (Cond. Yoel Levi) in my 17 m2 listening room is simply impressive and you don’t miss “anything”. But don’t forget to position the speakers and your listening position in the room carefully to achieve a good acoustic result (and with some room acoustic treatments)! 🙂 The 2 Eton Symphony II 7-312/C8/32 HEX don’t come as matched pairs but the measurements results of the 2 units are really very close to each others. Of the 4 units tested just one had a more relevant difference then the others in the 1900/2200 Hz region but with the crossover cut this difference became very small in the final response. This prove a very high standard construction. The only thing to note is that with the crossover you have to take care of the break-ups peaks over 3000 Hz. These make the crossover “more complicated” and a bit more expensive. These break-ups are there also at the off-axis response and so we should take care of them.

The SB Acoustic is one of the most exciting speaker brand in the market, great quality, knowledge and superb sounding drivers. The SB Acoustics SATORI TW29RN-B is simply excellent technically and acoustically, the on axis response is very flat and the break-up at the high frequencies are very controlled. Great is also the off axis response behavior and the harmonic distortions are good. Very good technical solutions are used like the two part aluminum faceplate with integrated mechanical decoupling. Dual balanced compression chambers to improve the dynamic. Dual copper caps to get a minimum voice coil inductance and phase shift. Neodymium motor with T-shaped pole piece to get lower distortion. 700 Hz low resonance frequency  that gives a very extended range and more. The sound is detailed but not disturbing, the sound stage is superb and shortly I would say that this is a driver that you “don’t notice” because of its very good musicality behaviors. The Satory has a very good power handling (voice coil diameter of 29mm) and considering that it has a sensitivity of 96 db and that it’s attenuated to match the average speaker sensitivity, the Tweeter will not be under serious pressure also at high level listening. The electric crossover point of 2200 Hz it’s managed extremely well by the TW29RN-B.


IUVENIS is a high quality sounding speaker to enjoy the listening of your music at home.

– LANA IUVENIS 2 way standmount DIY loudspeaker project –

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