I think that Spikes and Cones are effective if they are directly connected to the floor (concrete or stone floor) without any use of Spike Shoes, “by placing the spike on a small puck we make it impossible for the spike to contact the carpet or floor. This means we can’t expect the combination to dig in as effectively as the spike would do by itself“. And if we have wooden  floor the use of Spikes and Cones without Spikes Shoes is not very practical because will ruin our floor. The things get even worst if our wooden floor is suspended, then it is even less then a good idea to use Spikes or Cones… If it’s a suspended wooden floor, it is better to “de-couple” the speakers from it, for example by putting something like Granite under them and then use “rubber feet” between Speaker Stand (or Speaker) and the Granite, the rubber feet will greatly isolate the speakers from the floor. Also without the Granite plate the result is good. As “rubber feet” I suggest Flexible polyurethane ones like: 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products SJ5009, available in grey, black or transparent colors.

I think that also on concrete and stone floor the “de-couple” solution using “rubber feet” is a very good solution but of course you may try and take your conclusions also depending on your specific situation.

I found this interesting article on the net: “Spikes and Cones – What’s the point?” by http://www.audiomisc.co.uk