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A 2 way Transmission Line Loudspeaker that fascinate

 2 way Transmission Line Loudspeaker High Fidelity



The TL1 is an ideal solution for those looking for a bookshelf speaker with a remarkable performance. It has a pleasant natural sound and it gives us a detailed but not tiresome listening experience, voices and acoustical instruments are well reproduced with a great life-like presentation. Furthermore we get an accurate soundstage that allows us to well perceive the location of the instruments in the  three dimensional space.

This Loudspeaker has an exceptionally high fidelity, extended low frequency response and it is capable of dynamics that can reach levels that belie its size. Thanks to the high quality of the mid woofer and to the Transmission Line topology the low and middle low frequencies reproduction is very controlled, uncolored and powerful.


TL1 in an elegant White Matte Paint Finish

Main advantages of Transmissions Lines:

Transmission Line speakers tend to have exceptionally high fidelity low frequency response far below that of a typical speaker. Acoustically, TL speakers roll off more slowly (less steeply) at low frequencies and provide better driver control than standard reflex cabinet designs, are less sensitive to positioning, and tend to create a very spacious soundstage.

The TL topology match reflex cabinet designs in many respect, but with an extra octave of bass, lower LF distortion, a more precise LF reproduction and a frequency balance which is more independent of listening level.
The internal partitioning provides substantial bracing for the entire structure, reducing cabinet vibrations and coloration. The inside faces of the Labyrinth are treated with an absorbent material to provide the correct termination with a certain frequency to load the drive unit as a TL and reinforce the bottom of the frequency band.

Since there is no real pressure build-up inside the cabinet the reproduction of the TL is very natural, the rear radiant air is redirected towards the internal labyrinth until it reaches the outside, in this way the internal sound waves, mostly, do not return towards the mid-woofer membrane, thus avoiding further coloring of the musical reproduction.
Furthermore the air in the transmission line can load the bass driver and lowers its resonant frequency. This allows for the extended low end response and keeps the bass driver well damped, requiring less excursion than sealed or ported speakers to produce the same output.

TL1 2 way Transmission Line hand-made Loudspeaker back view in white matte finish


Techical Specifications:
Configuration: 2-way Transmission Line Bookshelf Loudspeaker
Drivers: 5.5” Paper Cone mid-bass and 1” Soft Dome tweeter
System sensitivity: ~85 db/2.8V 1 meter
Frequency resp.: 44/38 – 30.000Hz (-3db/-6db) – Typical in-room response ~39Hz (-3db)
Acoustic point of crossover: 2700Hz
Rated Impedance: 8Ω (minimum 4.5Ω @300Hz) – Argument ±35° from 120Hz and above
Recommended Amplifier: 30 – 120 W – 8Ω Average Power
Speaker type: Transmission Line topology
Cabinet Dimensions: 20.3 cm wide, 36.4 cm high, 32.6 cm deep
Net Weight (per piece): 11 kg / 24 lb
Speaker Orientation: Speakers should be titled a bit inward to the listener
Listening Distance and Layout: Minimum speaker-listener recommended distance 1.5 m
A carpeted floor in front of  the speakers is recommended
Contact us for more information concerning the speakers placement in the domestic environments

Special Features:
High Performance Compact Design
Natural and very detailed sound
Friendly and versatile placement in domestic room
Transmission Line out Vent with no any noise
Drivers and Crossover Components are matched pairs
Gold Plated Binding Posts
High quality Crossover components and internal Cabling
25mm thick baffle and internal bracing to reduce and distribute cabinet vibrations and therefore lower sound coloration
Cabinet has rounded edges, Drivers and Catchers are Flush-Mounted to reduced Baffle Diffraction
Chamfer Woofer cut-out inside the Baffle to aid airflow behind the driver and reduce Diffraction
All connections use high quality Solder Tin with Silver and Gold Plated Push-on Connectors
5 years warranty

TL1 2 way Transmission Line Loudspeaker front view with protection frame


 TL1 2 way loudspeaker Crossover

The components used in the crossover have been carefully chosen to achieve the desired results and are all of high quality and selected. This helps us achieve accurate, dynamic and well-sounding music reproduction. In addition, the components are decoupled from the crossover base and the base from the cabinet to minimize the propagation of vibrations.


 Transmission Line loudspeakers TL1 with custom finish

TL 1 with Customized Finish

On request the Cabinet of the TL1 can be Customized to make your Speakers Personal. Your drawing, logo or text can be engraved on the sides of the Speaker.

Because Every Story Counts…

 Transmission Line Loudspeaker TL1

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