2 way DIY powered speaker system with bluethoot wireless connectivity

2 way DIY powered speaker system with bluethoot WiFi wireless connectivity


  • 2-way vented speaker system, 4” SB Acoustic mid-bass and 0,75” SB Acoustic soft dome tweeter
  • 6,4 net liters vented cabinet (virtually ~7,2 liters)
  • System sensitivity: ~85,5 db/2.8v, 1 meter
  • Frequency resp.: 47 – 30.000 Hz (-3db) – Typical in-room response ~44 Hz (-3db)
  • Acoustic point of crossover: 3000 Hz
  •  Cabinet Dimensions: 17.2 cm wide, 27.2 cm high, 25.3 cm deep
  • Power: 30 + 30 Watt rms
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (with aptX®) wireless connectivity
  • Wi-Fi (Hi-Fly App Control and AirPlay©, DLNA compatible and Multi Room)
  • Support:  MULTI-ROOM (Play synchronized audio in multiple rooms for seamless listening), MULTI CHANNEL (Play any song to any single device or group devices together) and MULTI USER (Different users can control the audio source for different devices)
  • Selectable optical (S/PDIF – Toslink), RCA, and 3.5 mm inputs for traditional wired connections
  • Full feature wireless remote for simple, convenient operation
  • Signal sensing standby mode automatically powers down amplifiers after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • RCA mono subwoofer output (80 Hz Xover, the speaker outputs remain full-range) makes it easy to add a powered subwoofer
  • Control music player from remote (PLAY, PAUSE, PREVIOUS, and SKIP) in Bluetooth mode


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FELIX DIY amplified speaker system with bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity



The Drivers used are from SB Acoustic and they have an excellent price / quality ratio: Teeter SB-19ST-C000-4 ( 17.00€!), Woofer SB12PFC25-4-R (19.00€!) (click on code for Datasheet).  They really impressed me and that’s why I decided to make also a passive version of this speaker so that you can drive them with any amplifier you like or own. The Tweeter is very well made and has a great dispersion and out of axis behaving. Nice frequency response and very good distortion that stays low also at 95db level from 3000 Hz up (the crossing point I choose). And the most of all it has a very good sound, pleasant middle high and detailed but not tiresome high frequencies, lovely drive. The mid woofer is also very well constructed, it has a plastic basket that greatly makes the job. A powerful magnet that allows this little driver of a linear +-5mm excursion. The driver is a 30 watt one so don’t aspect to “brake down the house” but with any 4 inch drivers it wouldn’t make any sense. Still in the Felix this drivers will go down to 48 Hz -3db and in room you will get even more. The response is linear till 1000 Hz and from 2200 till 8000 Hz. We have a deep at 1800 Hz that “characterizes” a bit the sound of this driver but in room listening this aspect gets less preeminent as you will see from the measures in Room. Distortion is good with a pick around 2000 Hz, pick that at a level of 95 db stays at  1.6% in the H3 (driver without crossover and cabinet). The overall good construction and this nice “paper” cone brings to a very pleasant sound and natural. And despite the small size of the driver the SB12PFC25-4-R is capable to give us a fair amount of bass information, precisely and with a surprising “punch”. /  I componenti della SB Acoustic dal rapporto prezzo qualitá sorprendente: Tweeter SB-19ST-C000-4 (17.00€!),  Woofer SB12PFC25-4-R (19.00€!)

The Plate Amplifier is the very well made and versatile Dayton WF60PA , click for User Manual to see all characteristics. A WiFi/Bluetooth plate amplifier with a 30+30 watts RMS. Here the technical drawings – or here Zip with Manual and Drawings in different formats.  /  Il ben costruito e versatile amplificatore della Dayton: Dayton WF60PA , clicca per vedere il Manuale d’uso con tutte le caratteristiche. L’amplificatore é con WiFi/Bluetooth ed é da 30+30 watts RMS. Quí i disegni tecnicio quí il Zip con Manuale e disegno in diversi formati.

The amplifier is very well constructed and has a good pleasant sound. It has many connective possibilities: wireless Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi (Hi-Fly App Control and AirPlay© and DLNA compatible) and Selectable optical (S/PDIF – Toslink), RCA, and 3.5 mm inputs for traditional wired connections. Also there is a RCA mono subwoofer output with a 80 Hz Xover, the speaker outputs remain full-range. There is also very useful remote control that in Bluetooth mode can PLAY, PAUSE, PREVIOUS, and SKIP the musics on your Smartphone.

– 2 way DIY amplified speaker system with bluethoot wireless connectivity –